There are dozens of open source content management systems that can be easily searched on the Internet today. So, why would anyone recommend a custom CMS? Read on to know!

Why to opt Custom CMS?

If you are looking for a website that gives decent performance with little bit of efforts on configuration and maintenance, then WordPress and Drupal are sincere options. At their heart though, these are the platforms to manage a traditional model of a website – say- a collection of pages. But the question is – would you prefer using WordPress (or something like it) to manage big platforms like Facebook or Amazon? The answer must be No! Of course! That is because Facebook and Amazon has custom functionality and features that are not part of a standard website. So, if you are looking forward to make a high performance website that contains custom user-facing functionality and integration into back-office systems, then going for a Custom Content Management System or Custom CMS will pay higher benefits to you.

How can Net Link Design help in making a Custom CMS?

Building high performance websites, be it eCommerce or informational, requires much work than a typical open source website. Work includes custom applications with a very rigid set of requirements for performance, search engine optimization capabilities and responsiveness to all devices. Also, it takes more time to bend another CMS into working that too in the manner you want it and to function at the level of performance required than building it from scratch. Net Link Design will build a custom CMS that allows you to build a site matched perfectly for YOUR business, YOUR workflow and YOUR needs.

We build websites that offer high performance, integration and extensibility than pre-packaged CMSs could offer out-of-the-box. We build websites with customized CMSs that are specific to your business and give your users content-rich and relevant results with a great user experience which is currently not possible in websites on Drupal or WordPress. And, it should be said, a lot of the development time we propose isn’t spent re-inventing things that have already been developed. For example, we do not create a different WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor in any CMS we build. In fact, we recognize the workable solutions within the application and get the things done as per your requirements which helps in saving development time and your money. To match the newest technology trends and security features we build all our sites on the base engine that has been tested, optimized and battle-tested in high-traffic sites.

What’s the Difference?

We spend less time working within constraints of a system that doesn’t fit your business needs and spend more time in creating something that allows you to differentiate yourself from every other site on the web.

The most interesting part of all this? We love Magento, Drupal and WordPress for being amazing platforms. And, we also love presenting the solution we feel is best for our clients and working with them to get them what they need. So, if all you need is functionality that these above mentioned sites offer with some custom design along with hardcore SEO work, we can do that and have that experience too. If you need something more high-performance, custom, good-looking and exciting like we proposed, we can do that as well. After all, having choice is always better option. So, call us for a quote!