If you have a website running, then it is important to make it popular among mass as well. There are many things done for online promotion of a website, and all those things are done by a digital marketing company like NetLink Design. See what we can do for your website’s online marketing.

SEO, Directories and Targeted Links

Putting together a dynamic, interactive, and professional site is only the beginning. You have to spread the word and one of the best places to start is through search engines and directories, as well as external links.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most critical factors determining your placement in search engines is the degree to which your site is properly optimized. Netlink Design does a thorough analysis of your business, your market, and your product in order to determine which key words and phrases are most appropriate. Additionally, we will investigate your competition’s placement strategy and brainstorm a plan that will surpass their success. Then, we put it all together and implement it as we develop your site so the finished product will be search engine friendly.

Optimizing the Web Site

The first important step of this strategy is to identify the appropriate keywords and phrases for your site. To do this, we analyze your product, your market, your targeted audience, and your competition. Then, using that information we develop your site so that the optimization is seamless and so your site is immediately search engine friendly.

Finding Appropriate External Links

When other sites offer their visitors a link to yours, they’re doing more than increasing traffic numbers. They’re also helping to boost your search engine ranking. Many search engines, especially Google, base your ranking in part on the number of external links to your site. Obviously, if other sites are promoting your site, then you must be something special, right? Netlink Design can help by doing the research and finding web sites and directions which may link to your site and, therefore, raise your standing in the search results.

Pay for Placement

If you want to secure a prominent placement and achieve the maximum return on your marketing dollar, pay for placement listings are an excellent choice. You can get started quickly and begin seeing results almost immediately.Pay for Placement engines allow you to control your ranking in their results lists by the traffic generated by your listing. The more you are willing to pay, the higher up the ranks your site goes.

Directory Listings

Search engines are only one part of establishing your web presence. Getting listed in major web directories, such as Yahoo, is another. Netlink Design can help you get started in the right direction which improving your site’s odds of being included. Unlike search engines which send out their own “spiders” to collect information on web sites, directories rely on the human element. First, sites must be submitted for consideration. Then, they are evaluated by the directory’s staff and are possibly accepted for inclusion. It does require time and effort but getting listed can generate a large amount of traffic for your site.