Why Use Email Marketing Services?

Running your own business is complicated when it comes to create the right advertising campaign that gives the best return on investment. Among the glut of various marketing options, it is advisable to consider email marketing – a part of digital marketing. It allows you to reach the current and prospective customers and keep them updated regarding latest offers and news about your company and products. The main benefit of bulk email services is – being able to test customer retention and loyalty along with intensive reporting.

Email marketing services provide you the freedom to create specific marketing for each segment of your audience, that too at minimal prices. Specific marketing is very costly in case of print media services. Email marketing services let you spread news about your company, products and services, and bring in new customers in an efficient and reportable manner.

Why choose Net Link Design?

Net Link Design provides an excellent email marketing service that allows you to easily create and track a professional and attractive email campaign, compete with surveys, auto-responders and more. In addition, there are various help features to get your campaign off to a great start, and Net Link Design support is available for whenever you need it. With a complete lineup of tools, an easy-to-use user interface and several innovative features, Net Link Design is the best option to go for Email Marketing services.

How our email marketing strategies work?

Net Link Design not only keeps your business visible in countless email boxes, but also focuses and pays attention on what people are checking and looking into these days – social media. You can also add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus buttons with every new bulk email marketing plan you choose. This will allow your loyal customers to share coupons and updates from your company. In addition, you can access campaigns from tablets and smartphones as well.

What to look out for in an email marketing service provider?

Creating an email campaign can be as easy as adding names to any database, customizing an easy-to-use template, and looking out for ways on how effective your emails would be via simple pie charts and bar graphs. Net Link Design also provides services that offer intuitive tools to help you quickly upload your list of contacts. Also look out for flexibility to adjust the designs on your email marketing messages so that they reflect your company’s image.

Highlights of Net Link Design’s Email Marketing Campaigns —

Contact Management

It’s important to choose a service that is easy to use or have a great user-interface in technical terms. The appearance and simplicity of dashboard we design depends on how often you access the program to create campaigns. We can provide the ability to import existing mailing lists from other services, whether they are social media or email providers, which is a big plus. You can also create custom demographic segments in order to reach the right customers with the most applicable message.

Email Creation

We offer the professional features you need to create customer surveys, newsletters and other event emails. You can upload images, type own text, manipulate how your text displays, and add links and there’s lots more to do. If required, we also offer the flexibility to work either in a design format or directly with HTML. With most of our email marketing services, you can create an email message from scratch or choose from large list of creative templates.
Sending & Reporting Features

We provide all reports, graphs and statistics related to your email campaign to you. You can see how many customers are opening your emails and which links they click on. You can also see how many people forward your emails to others and how many unsubscribe. These reports also let you know that how many emails have not reached their intended destination and how many are still unopened.

Help & Support

Have some queries or doubts? Don’t worry! We are always there for your support. Scroll through our user manuals and FAQ section for normal queries or call us or send an email to us, we will revert you as soon as possible.

The advantages to invest in an email marketing service goes a step ahead with us. You can save money and have online reporting keep track of new and returning customers. And, we assure you – once you use it, you’ll never be able to go back to those outdated options like direct mail advertisements.

Net Link Design is one such email marketing company that will fulfil all these above mentioned points that you would to love to work with. Our priority is to serve client in the best possible way, so we won’t let you down!